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Charlotte, NC
September 10-12, 2019
296 days to go!
Charlotte Convention Center
September 10-12, 2019


The 21st Century Building Expo & Conference is your best and most affordable way to market to home builders throughout the Southeastern United States. The housing market continues to improve, and builders are interested in new products and services to provide for their clients.

Booth Space for 2019

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Rates & Hours

2019 Floor Plan

21CBEC Rules & Regulations

Contact Tracie Garrett at 1-800-662-7129 or for more information.

BOOTHS NOW AVAILABLE FOR $20.75/S.F. until December 31, 2018.

Optional add-ons to your booth space:

    • Deluxe or superior banner ($800) – these hang outside the entrance to the Expo Floor, giving you added visibility.
    • Logo, web link and short message in one eblast ($500).
    • Participation in the Grand Prize Wednesday and Thursday – attendees who want to be eligible to win the Grand Prizes must visit your booth and receive a stamp ($500).

    Why choose the 21CBEC?

    We could tell you all about the things that make the 21CBEC great — we’ve survived for 17 years; we use a right-to-work facility, saving you considerable money; we serve an area with a strong housing market; and the list goes on.

    But what you REALLY care about is What’s In It For My Company?

    1. Flying the Flag or “We’re not going out of business”. All too often justification used for exhibiting at an industry trade show is “if we don’t exhibit our competitors will say we are having financial trouble”, which then implies that you’re going out of business, which of course is not true. Competitors will use anything to gain an advantage, and this concern from sales is important to remember.

    2. Lead Generation. Individuals attending trade shows are doing so for a variety of reasons- educational seminars, seeing current suppliers, meeting with industry peers, keeping up on industry trends, and finding new suppliers or products they need to purchase. It also can be assumed that their company is healthy and has money to spend, since companies on the ropes don’t send employees to trade shows nor do the bosses attend.

    3. Brand Awareness. It an exhibit is relatively large or designed well, attendees will have “brand impressions”. Simply put,  how many people attended the show, as each are assumed to receive a brand impression. Booth size, design and graphics have a lot to do with this, as the attendees do walk the show floor and will see your booth even though they don’t stop for a visit. This impression is therefore much like a trade magazine ad.

    4. Customer and Prospect Relationship Building. The cost of a B2B face-to-face sales call (now estimated to be around $600/call) combined with the difficulty these days to actually see key customers and current prospects, provides another valid justification to exhibit at trade shows.

  • From “Are Trade Shows Worth It?” by John M. Coe, VP, Business Development & Marketing Strategy, Direct Hit Marketing, Inc.
  • More Information

    For questions about exhibiting, contact Tracie Garrett, Director of Exhibitor Services, at 1-800-662-7129 or

    NOTE: Exhibitor information is provided solely for the use of attendees to search for products and services offered by exhibiting companies. Use of this information for solicitation purposes of any kind, by anyone other than a registered attendee, is strictly prohibited.


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