21st Century Building Expo & Conference

Where is the contract for the booth space?

Registration for your booth space may be completed online here. A 50% deposit per booth must be either paid within 14 days. Payment may be made by credit card by logging back in with the password provided with your registration confirmation or by check made payable to NCHBA, PO Box 99090, Raleigh, NC 27624.

Which booths do you have available? 

The current floor plan can be viewed under the Exhibitor tab. Blue booths are available; red have been sold; and yellow booths are reserved. Click the start button to begin the reservation process for your space.  

How much is booth space? 

Booths are $2300 for new exhibitors until June 1, 2024 then will increase to $2500.

What’s included in my booth space?

Your booth rental includes carpet, an 8′ high drapery back wall (colors black and crème) with 3′ high drapery sidewall dividers; a standard 7″x 44″ 2 line identification sign showing your company name and booth number; 4 (four) booth personnel badges per booth; official directory listing in the onsite Program Guide with company name, booth number, contact person and phone number, and website (if reserved and deposit received prior to August 1); and unlimited discounted e-pass invitations to send to your customers. In addition, be sure to utilize the Virtual Floor Plan by logging in to the Exhibitor Service Center and updating your company profile where you will receive additional publicity by posting products, press releases and show specials to attendees at no extra charge. Attendees use the floor plan to research exhibitors and products and create their agendas for the show. This tool is also referenced year-round by attendees and prospects.

To simplify things, we have created the “Complete Booth Package“.  The complete booth package,  includes an 6′ table, 2 chairs, waste basket, half page color ad in the Official Program Guide, one shared E-Blast to all pre-registered attendees, and participation in the Raffle Card Grand Prize Giveaway on Wednesday. The complete booth package is an additional $1200 but it saves you $520 and gives you marketing opportunities before, during and after the Expo. More info can be found on the rates & hours page. This package is limited to the first 20 exhibitors who select it or until the ad artwork is due, whichever comes first.

Are there any other budget considerations?

Electrical, lighting, booth furnishings, labor, rigging, compressed air, and Internet are all additional services you may require, and they will incur an additional charge. This information can be found in the Exhibitor Kit, which will be available mid-May and accessed through the Exhibitor Service Center (ESC). Remember, this is a right-to-work facility, so anything you can carry in, you are allowed to bring and are not required to rent it from the decorator.  

What rules and regulations do I need to be aware of as an exhibitor at the 21CBEC? 

The rules and regulations for exhibitors can be found in the Rules & Regs 2024. We follow current IAEE (International Association of Exhibitions and Events) 2019 Guidelines for Display Rules & Regulations. Questions regarding booth set up for end-caps or in-line booths, etc. can be found in the IAEE Guidelines for Display/Rules. Be sure to note restrictions related to end-cap or inline booths, so that you do not obstruct the sightlines of your neighboring exhibitors.

What is my move-in date? 

Move-in will begin at 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday, November 12, 2024. You must be completely set up by 4:00 p.m. because we will open the Expo floor for the Builders, Beer and Banter Celebration at 4:30 p.m. 

Can I set up my own booth?

Yes, full-time employees of the company are allowed to deliver items and set up their booths, provided they are not using any mechanical or motorized devices (forklifts). Hand trucks or dollies are allowed but you must bring your own. Our General Services Contractor (herein referred to as “decorator”) will control access to the docks in order to provide a safe and orderly move-in and move-out. PALLET JACKS ARE NOT ALLOWED. 

If I don’t plan to move out right after the floor closes, will my booth and its contents be secured for a while? 

Do not leave anything of value in your booth at closing if you plan to leave for a late lunch and come back later after the rush. If you return in a couple of hours, move-out will be easily accomplished. Make sure that the decorator service desk is informed of when you plan to return to finish move-out and leave a contact number with them. All personal vehicles and truck drivers must be checked in by 6:00 p.m. Any freight left on the Expo floor after 6:00 p.m. Wednesday night will be forced. It is your responsibility to ensure your carrier will arrive before 6:00 p.m. 

Does carpet come in my booth space? 

Yes, carpet is included in your booth space in 2024.

How do I ship my booth and supplies in advance? How do I ship directly to the exhibit site? 

Information on shipping can be found in the Exhibitor Service Center (ESC). Show site shipments are not to arrive prior to 1:00 p.m. on Monday,November 11. Shipments prior to then will be denied by the convention center. Advance shipping information:

Carolina Convention Services

NCHBA 2024, Company Name, Booth #

659 Southern Avenue

Fayetteville, NC  28306


Deadline for arrival will be Thursday, November 7, 2024.

.What is the address of the convention center?

Concord Convention Center
5400 John Q. Hammons Blvd., NW
Concord, NC 28012

What are the deadlines for booth payments and cancellations?

A nonrefundable deposit of 50% per booth is required within 14 days of receiving your contract. If the deposit is not received within 14 days, the booth will not be held. All contracts received after August 1, 2024, require full payment within 14 days of receipt of contract. Any outstanding payments must be paid before August 1. Cancellations received prior to June 1 will be refunded less the initial booth deposit. No refunds will be given for cancellations received after June 1, 2024.

Where do I find my Exhibitor Kit?

The exhibitor kit will be found in the Exhibitor Service Center (ESC). You will be notified by Carolina Convention Services when it is ready. 

How do I order exhibitor badges?

Booth staff can be registered through the Exhibitor Service Center (ESC). Be sure to select “exhibitor” and the correct company. Exhibitor badges are limited to four (4) per booth. Additional badges can be purchased for $5.00. Badges are not mailed and can be picked up at Exhibitor registration in the Rotunda at the Concord Convention Center.

What is Lead Retrieval and what can it do for me?

Lead retrieval is an electronic scanning system that gives you profiles of customers who come to your booth and stores leads for future contact. It is recommended that you reserve your Lead Retrieval in advance. Forms will be available in the ESC in the exhibitor kit or under the Exhibitor Kit tab found under Exhibitor.

Can we have food or beverages in our booth?

Exhibitors planning to distribute food or beverage in their booth should make prior arrangements with Scott Birckhead in the Food Services Dept. at 704-454-8200.

What are the rules for having a vehicle in my booth?

Vehicles that remain in the Expo Hall as part of a display must have the battery cables disconnected, alarm systems deactivated, fuel tanks containing no more than one-fourth (1/4) tank of gas, and fuel tank filler caps locked. Vehicles may not be driven on the Expo floor and must be pushed onto the floor.

Are discounted passes available to exhibitors?

This year we will not be offering any discounted passes or promo codes; however, studies have found that the best promotion for a tradeshow is a personal invite by an exhibitor. We can provide you with customized e-passes you can send to your customers to promote your presence at the 21CBEC. These passes remind your customers to register for the expo floor. And new this year, everyone will be served lunch. To request a customized e-pass, contact Tracie or call 1-800-662-7129. You will also need to send your company logo in a jpg format for the customized pass.

What is the company listing and product category and how can I make sure my company has one?

Your company listing is how attendees find out who you are and what you sell. You should provide this, along with your product category listing, when you reserve your booth online. You are responsible for completing your profile online and making sure it is correct. The information provided to us, including name, website, contact information and category, will also be used in the official directory listing provided to attendees. We do not include email addresses.

Do I have to submit proof of insurance to exhibit? 
Show management requires each exhibiting company and exhibitor appointed non-official contractor to carry general liability insurance (recommended $1 million per occurrence/$2 million general aggregate). Proof of insurance is requested in order to exhibit at the 21CBEC. More information is found in the Rules & Regulations
Section V, J.1. Workman’s comp is applicable only as required by current law. If you do not liability insurance or don’t know where to find your policy, Rainprotection offers this insurance for the duration of the show for a very low rate. 


NOTE: Exhibitor information is provided solely for the use of attendees to search for products and services offered by exhibiting companies. Use of this information for solicitation purposes of any kind, by anyone other than a registered attendee, is strictly prohibited. Exhibitor emails will never be shared.