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Charlotte, NC
September 15-17, 2020
336 days to go!

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North Carolina Builder Institute (NCBI) Designations: To obtain your Accredited Builder (AB)  Designation, you must compete 72 hours of course work in level 100 and/or 200 of the curriculum. To obtain your Accredited Master Builder (AMB) Designation, you must first successfully complete the requirements for the AB designation and then complete an additional 40 hours of course work in the level 300 of the curriculum. The class code will indicate the level of curriculum. Visit the NCBI site for more detailed information.

September 10, 2019
Session Name Type Speaker Start Time End Time Session Track CE Credit
BM104 Construction Contracts and Preventative Law NCBI Brian Schoolman 8:00AM 4:30PM Business Management 8
BT206 Building Efficiency NCBI Chuck Perry 8:00AM 4:30PM Building Technology 8
BT209 Renewable Technology for Construction Applications NCBI Sean Sullivan 8:00AM 11:30AM Building Technology 4
LD305 Ordinary People, Everyday Leaders NCBI Greg Isenhour 8:00AM 4:30PM Leadership 8
NAHB30: Marketing and Communicating with the Aging in Place Client (CAPS I) NAHB Steve Monroe 8:00AM 4:30PM Building Technology 8
DS201 Space Planning: Dynamic Floor Plan and Design tips to Increase Profits NCBI Laura Sullivan 12:30PM 2:30PM Design 2
DS202 Design Principles for Home Builders and How to Incorporate Them into any Home NCBI Laura Sullivan 2:30PM 4:30PM Design 2
September 11, 2019
Session Name Type Speaker Start Time End Time Session Track CE Credit
BM101 How to Save Money Through Tax Laws NCBI Grady Thomas 8:00AM 11:30AM Business Management 4
BT102 Basic Engineering Design NCBI Steve Knight 8:00AM 5:30PM Building Technology 8
LD201 Public Speaking: How to Deliver an Engaging, Memorable and Informative Presentation NCBI Meredith Oliver 8:00AM 11:30AM Leadership 4
NAHB16: Design Concepts for Livable Homes and Aging in Place (CAPS 2) NAHB Steve Monroe 8:00AM 5:30PM Building Technology 8
PM303 Trade Contractor Relationships NCBI Greg Isenhour 8:00AM 5:30PM Project Management 8
Accounting, Budgeting and Finance Reporting for Non-Accounting Managers and Owners General Session Cassmer Ward 9:00AM 10:00AM Business Management 0
How Excellent Customer Service Can Lead to Huge Profits General Session Duane Cotton 9:00AM 10:00AM Customer Service 0
Upsetting the Industry: Revealing the Science to Selling MORE HOMES General Session Elizabeth Hagie 9:00AM 10:00AM Design 0
What is the Value of Your Database? How to Forecast Your Sales for the Next 6-24 Months General Session Rick Storlie 9:00AM 10:00AM Marketing 0
Double Play: Designs that Appeal to Boomers and Millennials General Session John Rymer Deryl Patterson 10:30AM 11:30AM Design 0
From Digital to Dotted Line: Capturing, Converting and Closing Online Leads General Session Rick Storlie 10:30AM 11:30AM Marketing 0
How to Diversify and Profit General Session Duane Cotton 10:30AM 11:30AM Diversification 0
Is Your Website Ready for Today's Buyers? **SOLD OUT - WAITLIST AVAILABLE** General Session Tammie Smoot 10:30AM 11:30AM Marketing 0
BM204 Can Your Business Survive a Construction Defect Claim? NCBI Sean Sullivan 2:00PM 5:30PM Business Management 4
CA103 Excel 101 NCBI Erik Anderson 2:00PM 5:30PM Computer Technology 4
Efficient Project Planning and Scheduling General Session Kristy Wolfe 2:00PM 4:00PM Project Management 0
Managing HVAC in High Performance Homes: How to Provide Comfort and Reduce Liability General Session Rob Howard Nikki Krueger 2:00PM 3:30PM Building Technology 0
Social Media 2020 and Beyond General Session Jay McKenzie 2:00PM 3:00PM Marketing
The Coach Approach- 5 Principles to Build an E.P.I.C. Construction Business General Session Bill Gilliland 2:00PM 4:00PM Business Management 0
Netiquette: Communications 3.0 General Session Mandy Holm 3:15PM 4:15PM Marketing 0
September 12, 2019
Session Name Type Speaker Start Time End Time Session Track CE Credit
BT106 Wall Bracing NCBI Steve Knight 9:00AM 5:30PM Building Technology 8
CA303 Mastering Excel: The Everyday Tool NCBI Greg Isenhour 9:00AM 5:30PM Computer Technology 8
Don't Kill Your Golden Goose - Protect & Perpetuate Your Business General Session Larry Oxenham 9:00AM 11:00AM Business Management 0
HERS Associate Course General Session Jamie Hager Matt Dovenbarger 9:00AM 12:30PM Building Technology 0
Managing A Multi-generational Workforce General Session Kristy Wolfe 9:00AM 10:30AM Leadership 0
MK202 Internet Marketing for the Building Professional NCBI Tammie Smoot 9:00AM 12:30PM Marketing 4
NAHB36: Project Management NAHB Erik Anderson 9:00AM 5:30PM Project Management 8
NAHB57: Details and Solutions for Livable Homes and Aging in Place (CAPS 3) NAHB Steve Monroe 9:00AM 5:30PM Building Technology 8
PM205 Back to the Basics: Simple Construction Management Practices We've Forgotten How to Do NCBI Chad Collins 9:00AM 5:30PM Project Management 8
Family Business Leadership and Succession General Session Henry Hutcheson 2:00PM 3:30PM Leadership 0
PM107 Building Codes NCBI Robert Privott 2:00PM 5:30PM Project Management 4
The Art of Design Communication, Why Good Designers Use Their Hands General Session Bob Kirchman 2:00PM 4:00PM Design 0
Get People Talking About You- Applied Word of Mouth Marketing for Home Builders General Session Paul Foresman 2:00PM 3:00PM Marketing 0
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